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Our History

The Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation founded in 1954 to enhance and enrich Lincoln’s community library system by soliciting and receiving gifts to meet the needs of the library and the intent of the donor. Today, as in 1954, the Foundation has provided the support to ensure that Lincoln’s libraries remain on of the crown jewels of our community. Through technology, programs, events, or other special opportunities, we are dedicated to making sure that our libraries remain the vital and active community centers that are paramount to a thriving community.

Throughout its history, the Foundation has played a crucial role in ensuring that the Lincoln City Libraries expand to meet the needs of a growing community. The Foundation is active in raising funds for the building and furnishings of new public libraries and upgrading current buildings and furnishings. Beginning in the 1980s, the Foundation accepted gifts to endow the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, which resulted in the formation of the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association, a support organization affiliated with the Foundation. The Foundation also manages special funds designated to benefit specific areas of the library, such as the Dorothy Bridgmon Martin Gift Fund, which supports the children’s room at the main library, and the Thompson Memorial Fund which provides annual funds for children’s books. Today, as Lincoln’s library system faces new challenges, the Foundation is committed to increasing private support by stepping up its outreach and fundraising efforts.

 Board of Trustees

Brian Bock, President

Rachel Hruza, Vice President

David Williams, Treasurer  

Dutch Bell, Assistant Treasurer 

Tiffani Childress, Secretary

Amanda Garrett, Advisor

Ed Bates   

Philipe Bruce

Brian Chaffin 

Rod Confer

Doug Emery

Katherine Endacott

Carl Eskridge

Susan Ferris

 Herb Friedman 

Lisa Hale

Judy Harvey

Jake Havranek

Matt Kirkland   

Max Larsen

Tice Miller

Julie Robinson   

Elizabeth Rude

Herb Schimek   

Rhonda Seacrest

Samuel Settle

Dan Sloan   

Aradhna Srivastav

Ann Stewart

Brian Sunderman


Foundation Staff

Gail McNair, Executive Director