Friends of Lincoln City Libraries

As a Friend, you build a 
strong library system that:

1. Offers home work help for grades 3-12, 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., 
seven days a week in English and Spanish.
2. Provides computer access to those job-hunting.
3. Enables you to download a book onto your E-device-free!
4. Enables your library to open doors and minds to the world!

Strong libraries strengthen our community and are statements of our value system!

Friends of Lincoln City Libraries 2023 Board Members

Jane Aalborg

Marge Anderson

Sandi Carrington

Deb Eckery

Reesa Eiseler

Kay Green

Connie Healey

Sally Johnson

Nancy Larimer

Lucy Lien

Maggie McGowan

Jane Nyffler

Kathie Putensen

Mary Reiman

Peggy Stark

Ann Thompson

Sheryl Tyrrell

Susan Vanneman

Boots Wailes

Kat Waters