Adult Spelling Bee | Literary Heritage Award

35th Annual Adult Spelling Bee Winners
Sheppard Perkins (left), and Jim Johnson (right), holding the Spelling Bee trophy.

32nd Literary Heritage Award Recipient, Ron Hull!

The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association will award its 32nd Literary Heritage Award at the Spelling BEE to Ron Hull for his work with Nebraska Educational Television and his commitment to the Literary Arts in Nebraska.   Throughout his career, Mr. Hull introduced many Nebraskans to the rich literary history of our state.  Hull is likely best known for bringing an appreciation of the work of John Neihardt and Mari Sandoz to a much broader audience through interviews and programming on NETV.  Hull also helped connect Neihardt and Dick Cavett for their famous 1971 interview.  As an author, in his memoir, Backstage: Stories from My Life in Public Television, 2012, Mr. Hull gives insight into his career and his encounters with Neihardt and Sandoz. 

2019 Spelling Bee Sponsors

A             Adamz KP Waste Cleanup

B             Braeda Fresh Express Café

C             Chiropractor Matthew Horak, DC

D            Davis Design

E             Eskridge Family, Carl & Janet

F             Francie & Finch Bookshop

G            Goldenrod Pastries

H            Hartmann Family, Klaus & Gisela

I              Insurance Agent Bev Higgins

J              Julie Robinson

K             Pat Leach

L             Lincoln Landscaping

M           The Mill

N            Carol Speicher

O            omt! divine resale

P             Jon Peterson

Q            Quinn, Michelle Farley’s Niece

R             Rococo Theatre

S             Shiffermiller Law Office PC LLO

T             Tico’s Foods of Mexico

U            Underground Attraction: Robber’s Cave

V             Veterinarian Judy Mulder, DVM

W           Wall Family, Milan & Sue Ellen

X             Pius X Librarian Erin Willis

 Y            Yia Yia’s Pizza & Beer

Z             “Bee Zaps” Molly Fisher

a             thanks to our “amazing” volunteers – Gail McNair

b             Barb Jacobson

c             Carl Eskridge

d             Diane Wagner

e             Eye Surgical Associates

f              fun!! – Marty Eischeid

g             Gail’s Grandsons

h             “humanities” – Humanities of Nebraska Staff

i              jenni, with an I, jex

j              Janet Eskridge

k             Kathy Johnson

l              Lois Wies

m            Michelle Farley

n             Nebraska Transition College – Wendy Johnson

o             Ollie’s owner, Brian Wagner

p             Jon Peterson

q             qute granddaughter of Meredith & Tom McGowan, Gabriella

r              Rod Wagner

s             Lincoln Surgical Hospital

t              Todd & Wendy Johnson

u             U-Stop Shops

v             Devra Dragos

w            Diane Wilson

x             x marks the spot for Meredith & Tom McGowan’s granddaughter, Madeleine

y             Erin Duerr

z             Joyce Vannier

Spelling Bee Winners

Year  –  Winning Contestant  –  Winning Word

2019 – Jim Johnson & Sheppard Perkins (tie) – (no winning word)
2018 – Rich Schroeder – xylography
2017 – Robert Goldberg – herbaceous
2016 – Tom McGowan – cachou
2015  –  Larry Day & Aimee Allard (tie)  – (unknown)
2014  –  Larry Day  –  duopsony
2013  –  Priscilla Handy  –  wattage    
2012  –  Brad Bossung  –  trichinosis
2009  –  Larry Day   –  chlorella    
2008  –  Julia Doerr  –  isinglass
2007  –  Michael Cartwright  –  (unknown)    
2006  –  Brent Mehling  –  anodyne
2005  –  Larry Day  –  zebu    
2004 –  Brian Bornstein  –  adamantine

2003  –  Rod Confer  –  oubliette    
2002  –  Brian Bornstein  –  pellucid
2001   –  (not held)

2000  –  Tex Richters  –  picayune    
1999  –  George Day  –  helical
1998  –  Donald McGinley  –  chicanery    
1997  –  Kathryn Bellman  –  eiderdown
1996  –  Larry Day  –  bifurcate    
1995  –  Francois Neville  –  imbrication
1994  –  Bill Regier  –  cacophonous
1993  –  Judy Sing  –  hegemony
1992  –  Maureen Hutfless  –  samite    
1991  –  Bob Gibson  –  brougham
1990  –  Anny Gillis  –  antependium    
1989  –  Vaughn Border  –  monstrous
1988  –  Mary White  –  ossification    
1987  –  Donald McGinley  –  arcanum
1986  –  Deb Pearson  –  pyorrhea    
1985  –  Kathleen Rutledge  –  balalaika
1984  –  Sydney Lynch  –  parallelepiped


The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association began sponsoring the Literary Heritage Award in 1988. 
The award recognizes persons or groups that promote excellence in writing in Nebraska. 
It was presented at the Mayor’s Arts Awards, 1988 – 2013, and at the Annual Adult Spelling Bee, beginning in 2014.

1988         1st           John Janovy & Hilda Raz 
1989         2nd          Ted Kooser 
1990         3rd           David McCleery 
1991         4th           Bess Walt 
1992         5th           William Kloefkorn 
1993         6th           Herb Hyde
1994         7th           Jane Geske 
1995         8th           Martha Greer 
1996         9th           Marly Swick 
1997         10th         Nebraska Literature Festival 
1998         11th         Morrie Tuttle 
1999         12th         Marge Saiser 
2000         13th         Molly Fisher 
2001         14th         Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman 
2002         15th         Ruthann Young 
2003         16th         Kit Dimon & Judy Wilcox 
2004         17th         Campbell’s Nurseries & Garden Centers 

2005         18th         Carol Connor 
2006         19th         Dorothy Olson Young
2007         20th        Gerry Cox 
2008         21st         Paul A. Olson 
2009         22nd        Robert Knoll
2010         23rd         NET Radio: “All About Books” with hosts, Charles . Stephen & Otis Young
2011         24th         Jim McKee & Linda Hillegass 
2012         25th         Joe Starita 
2013         26th         Joel Sartore 
2014         27th         Mary Pipher 
2015         28th         Meredith McGowan 
2016         29th         Rod Wagner
2017         30th         Roger Welsch
2018         31st         Paul Johnsgard

2019         32nd        Ron Hull